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    Various Equipments That Would Help You To Get Rid Of The Body Fatigue

    Foot Messager-BCLOL-1 ::

    1.Designed with ABS agg-shaped appearance and 4 press keys on body to control the massage functions
    2.Designed with skin scraping shiatsu massage heads with heating on the bottom middle of machine
    3.Designed with rolling massage heads on the bottom front of machine
    4.Designed with kneading massage heads on the bottom back of Machine
    5.Designed with air-bag massage on the full of feet
    6.Designed with washable cloth cover
    7.There are 16 massage heads and 2 air-bags total.
    8.There are 2 modes, 2 intensities and time control function.
    Technical Parameter:
    Rated Voltage: 100-120V~60Hz. or 220-240V~50Hz.
    Power: 50W. Rated Time: 15min.

    Neck and Shoulder Messeger-BCLOL-1 ::

    1.Upscale PU material, double small electric hammers
    2.Two powerfully percussion motor inside
    3.19or 39 automatic massage programmers with 8 different intensity levels
    4.Power drum-massage for effective relief of neck and shoulder aches
    5.Snug body-hugging design for a comfortable and targeted massage
    6.Portable hands-free design
    7.One-touch control panel
    8.Built-in auto timer of 15 minutes

    Message Belt BCLOL-1 ::

    1.Micro-computer LED remote controller, easy to operation with two strong motors
    2.Designed with heat function, you can choice through remote controller button
    3.Designed with remote controller to control modes, speeds and heat function
    4.It can chase away lactic and relieve muscle fatigue
    5.With auto mode and 7 kinds of manual modes
    6.Ten levels for strength and speed adjustment on manual mode; 7.With 10 minutes auto off function
    8.Using on Abdomen, thigh, calve, arm etc
    9.Designed with long belt (1.2m), if you need more length, please let us know, we can amend it, then it can be suitable for more people.

    Face Messager-BCLOL-1 ::

    1. Keep face in thin shape
    2. Gently exfoliate, better for skin to absord the lotion
    3. Prevent wrinkles, lymphatic drainage
    4. Remove dark circles and bags under the eyes
    5. The massage part is made of 24K gold-plating on the outer layer.
    6. Embrace the benefits of 24K gold and high-frequency vibration massage to help exercise and revitalise your skin. Frequent use will assist in smoothing wrinkles and relieving stress. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee.
    How to use:
    Step 1: Use on cleansed face and before makeup
    Step 2: Wipe the product with soft, dry cloth after use.
    Technical Parameter:
    1 x battery (5#)

    Head Messager-BCLOL-1 ::

    Features: 1.Fashion design with vibrating massage and heating function
    2.Automatic massage after power on
    3.Built-in speaker and earphone with music
    4.3 types of music for option:Soothing,Gentle environment,Nature sounds
    5.easy operation with air release button to ensure safety
    6.Adjustable head unit to fit most head sizes
    7.Massage special points in head and neck,Magnetic nodes to improve blood circulation
    8.LCD blue screen and inside speaker and ear phone.
    9.Power supply: adapter/USB/battery/vehicle power adaptors.
    10.Usage and function: relieve head fatigue; promote blood circulation; help to the good sleeping; relax and soothe the nerves, calm the mind; suitable for all ages.
    Technical Parameter:
    Input Voltage 110-240V.~50/60Hz.~0.3A; Output:6V./1000mA;. Power 6W,
    spare parts: DC6V. adaptor and 4xAA #5 battery

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