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Bandwidth -- Internet and Intranet

Speciality Of Services :=:

BCLOS’ offers multi diversified packages for internet and intranet to suit SOHO, MDU ( Multi Dwelling Unit), Corporate offices and home users.

Depending on Requirements, we offer shared Bandwidth with or without fixed Public IP, Dedicated Bandwidth with Public IP, Dedicated Bandwidth in corporate head office to split the bandwidth in local and zonal offices, Intranet connection between all the zonal and local office to share remote resources like CCTV, ERP, IP Phone etc.

In our bandwidth, there is no limit of FNA (Facebook) and GGC ( Youtube) traffic.

Our dedicated service engineers would monitor network and notify clients when any problem is detected.

We also provide additional services as per clients requirement

Most of all, we offer our service mainly with NTTN (Underground Fiber Link) to ensure the best service and assured uptime.

Pricing of different Types Of Services

Home Users ::

Package Name :: Bronze :: Bandwidth :: 5 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 500 Taka

Package Name :: Silver :: Bandwidth :: 8 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 800 Taka

Package Name :: Gold :: Bandwidth :: 10 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 1000 Taka

Package Name :: Platinum :: Bandwidth :: 12 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 1200 Taka

Package Name :: Titanium :: Bandwidth :: 15 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 1500 Taka

Package Name :: Plutonium :: Bandwidth :: 20 MB Net, FNA/GGC Unlimited, Price 2000 Taka

Corporate Users ::

The NTTN charge and Bandwidth Price with service requirement will be decided on case to case basis.

LSP Clients ::

LSP Clients can take directly bandwidth from us or MAC service with full and detailed control of their client. The rate would depend on NTTN charges and number of clients or amount of Bandwidth.

Multi Dwelling Clients (MDC) ::

Big Apartments, or Shopping Complex can go for MDC packages. This service would contain the following services

1. Full Network Design with detailed requirement Analysis of MDC

2. Deployment of the network

3. Connecting required devices like CCTV, IP Phone ( Free if agreed by both parties)

4. Setting up Free WI-FI Zone for common usage ( Free If agreed by both parties)

5. Technical phone support for 24/7.

6. Dedicated Support Person ( If requirement Fulfills)

7. Backup Link ( If requirement Fulfills)

8. Remote CCTV monitoring (( If requirement Fulfills)

9. Free IP Phone installation ( If requirement Fulfills)

10. Consultation of any solutions needed including software, hardware, networking, physical and logical security.

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