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Gepon System OLT (With 1 PON port )

GEPON OLT Description:

The GEPON OLT that offers 1 RS232 console port, 1 craft port to connect PC for local management; 1 GEPON SC Port to connect GEPON Fiber port; 1 gigabit ethernet port and 1 gigabit SFP portto connect central router or switch. The OLT System is a telecom grade FTTH equipment that integrates the latest GEPON technology based on IEEE802.3ah standard. The transmission speed of the OLT System can reach up to 1.25G/s for upstream and downstream.

The whole GEPON system consists of GEPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit), and fiber splitter. OLT offers mostly 4 upstream port and 4 downstream GEPON port. Each GEPON port can connect 32 splitters in a Single fiber/WDM Fiber line, so a single OLT can support up to 128 ONUs. The transmission distance of the system can reach up to 20Km.

Each OLT can connect and manage up to 32 remote ONUs. With BCLOL GEPON Solution, telecom operators do not need to rent the equipment room and they don't even need to maintain the device, by which greatly saves cost for their last mile FTTH application.

Main Features:
  • Compatibility: This is a GEPON OLT with 1U size, it is compatible with all BCLOL ONUs.
  • Long Transmission Distance: Transmission Distance reaches up to 20Km, no need to rent/build a server room, no need to maintain the device, greatly saves costs for telecom operators/ISPs.
  • High reliability: After a power cut, the unit can recover quickly with its stored configuration.
  • Flexible Network Topology: Offers Gigabit SFP and 10/100/1000Base-Tx ethernet ports for upstream, supports Ring Topology, Tree Topology and Star topology.
  • Full QOS Support: Each PON supports up to 256 logic accesses, a single ONU offers multiple independent logic accesses, by which offers great QOS support for end users. Support AES-128 encryption, each logic access can be encrypted. With dynamic bandwidth assignation (DBA) and powerful bandwidth pool, the OLT System greatly improves the usage rate of the bandwidth. Support SLA and IEEE802.1P Priority, the OLT System efficiently control the network latency to a lowest level while end user set up high or low priority.
  • Support Up to 4K 802.1Q VLAN and 8K MAC Address
  • Powerful OMA: Support ONU auto-detection and auto-registration, support fiber line tests, support MAC binding and filtering, support IP address binding and filtering, support bandwidth control, support port based VLAN and IEEE802. 1Q VLan, support flow control, support port aggregation, port mirroring, and broadcast control.
Protocols IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.1d?IEEE 802.1P, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1x, RFC1155, RFC1157, RFC1112, RFC1113
Switching Capacity 16Gbps
BandWith Adjustment Latency 1Kbps


RS-232 Control Port

To Connect PC

Craft Port

To Connect PC


EPON Fiber Port

RJ-45 100/1000M Ethernet

To Connect Router / Switch

1000Base-X Fiber Port

To Connect Router / Switch


SNMP Remote Management

Power Supply

AC input 100~240V


Max Transmission Distance



Max Transmission Speed



Power supply: DC -48V (Wave Range: - 40V- 57V) or AC 100V-240V
Power consumption: 15W
Physics dimension 440mm X 207mm X 43mm, 19 Inch, 1U height
Weight: 4.0Kgs
Operating Temperature: Storage temperature Relative Humidity

0 ~ 45?


5%~95% no coagulation

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