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    One of the best way to avoid back pain Specially for those who sits on chair for prolonged time

    Cushion-BCLOL-1 ::

    1.The design is quite luxurious, the neck part has two massage balls with clockwise and anticlockwise kneading massage and two magnets and one infrared heat function
    2.The back part has one infrared heat function and 4 magnets and 12 heat massage balls with kneading/shiatsu/tapping massage; 3.The seat part has 3 vibrating motors
    4.Designed with heating function for the massage balls.
    5.Designed with remote controller to operate the unit.
    6.There parts can be separated using, the seat cushion has with 12V.1A adaptor to operate the function.

    Cushion-BCLOL-2 ::

    1.Designed with 2 neck thermal kneading hands, can be heated max 65C
    2.Upper back with 6 kneading balls, can be heated max 65C, waist with 6 kneading massage balls, can be rolling and tapping
    3.Inward & Outward Rotation Shiatsu massage
    4.Massage speed adjustable by controller
    5.Designed with 2 infrared devices and 6 magnets
    6.The neck part and the backrest can be separated and used independently, this also means the neck pillow can be up-side-down to meet different height of neck massage
    7.Two individual manipulators for neck part and backrest.
    8.Designed with three vibrating motors on the seat cushion, several vibrating modes to massage the hip and thighs.

    Cushion-BCLOL-3 ::

    1.The design is quite luxurious, the back design is 18pcs rolling massage balls, can massage full body effectively
    2.Neck part can rise and fall freely, suit for different height.
    3.The design has 3 parts , neck. back and seat. Neck part has 4 massage balls to do clockwise and anticlockwise shiatsu massage, upper back part is 12 balls to kneading, shiatsu and rolling massage, lumbar part is 6 balls to shiatsu and tapping massage
    4.Designed with heating function for the massage balls
    5.Designed with 6 kneading massage balls on the seat, there are two modes and unlimited speed adjustable function.
    6.Designed with remote controller to control the speed and massage modes.

    Cushion-BCLOL-4 ::

    1.Designed with “U-Max” Thai Massager and a unique appearance
    2.Fourteen rollers offers full back massage
    3.Inward & Outward Rotation Shiatsu massage
    4.Heating therapy, the highest temperature reach to 45 C
    5.The operation is by remote controller
    6.It can work on back, waist, hand, thigh, calf etc.

    Cushion-BCLOL-5 ::

    1.Designed with UNIQUE appearance, very beautiful and comfortable
    2.According to the Human back structure to design, the good effect in alleviate fatigue, promoting the blood circulation and Muscle Relaxation!
    3.Designed with 6 heating rotating massage balls on the up back and 6 heating rolling massage balls on the low back to forward and reverse operating
    4.Designed with 6 heat rolling massage balls on the lumbar to do clockwise kneading massage and anticlockwise tapping massage
    5.Designed with handle controller, massage strength and modes can be adjusted.
    6.The up back massage is with clockwise and anticlockwise kneading massage; The lumbar massage is with clockwise shiatsu massage and anticlockwise tapping massage.

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