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Sate of the art security and surveillance solution

Risk and vulnerability are two main consent of security. There is no ultimate in security. Technological growth and adaptability increase the periphery and scope for both sides. Learning, acquisition and deployment of the latest ideas are thus needed to keep the level of security in the acceptable level.

Active and through surveillance in corporate environment would prevent your good employees doing from bad things. Would improved the working condition and overall productivity. The scopes in security and surveillance are limitless. Among them we can consider some easily adaptable combination to obtain our goal.


  • Automatic Attendance Record Keeping and Report Generation
  • Keeping record of the time out of office or out of the desk
  • Automatic and Biometric Access Control and Alert Generation for Non Authorized Access with RFID, IR Fence, PIR, Motion Sensors etc.
  • Specific Alert Generation ( Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Humidity alarm and MMS notification ) for Any Specific Event
  • Emergency Event Management and Risk Mitigation with Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Remote shutdown capability of MDB, Gas Line, AC, Fan, Light or Control and block visibility with smoke generation and pepper spray.
  • 24/7 Active Monitoring not dependent on any internet, cable or WI-FI.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control from Mobile or Web Interface
  • Equip Security Personal with Non Lethal Equipment (NLE) Like Net Gun, Stun Gun,Pepper Spray
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